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Horse Racing's Longest Standing Maidens

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Not every horse that reaches the racetrack is blessed with the ability to win, and that statement rings true for the horses in this article. With 1,778 runs between them, the following 12 horses failed to win during their careers. Most had promise in the pedigree, or at least showed some ability at an early age, but it never materialised, and they remained a maiden until the very end. Today’s list contains horses from across the globe under both codes, all of whom have earned themselves a place in the history books. Which other horses would you include in this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, the first ‘serial loser’ is…

(Use the buttons below to see the full profile of each horse)

Zippy Chippy:

Foaled: 20th April 1991

Years Active: 1994-2004

Colour: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Trainer: Felix Monserrate

Owner: Felix Monserrate

Breeder: Capritaur Farm

Country: USA

Record: 0-8-12 from 100 runs

Haru Urara:

Foaled: 27th February 1996

Years Active: 1998-2006

Colour: Bay

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Dai Muneishi

Owner: Nobuta Bokujo

Breeder: Nobuta Bokujo

Country: Japan

Record: 0-5-7 from 113 runs

Dona Chepa:

Foaled: 22nd April 1998

Years Active: 2001-2008

Colour: Brown

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Efrain Nieves

Owner: Establo Don Alejo Inc.

Breeder: Establo Don Alejo Inc.

Country: Puerto Rico

Record: 0-1-2 from 135 runs

Quixall Crossett:

Foaled: 5th April 1985

Years Active: 1990-2001

Colour: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Trainer: Ted Caine

Owner: T Caine & K Woodhead

Breeder: Ted & Joy Caine

Country: UK

Record: 0-2-6 from 103 runs

Costano Mille:

Foaled: 16th November 2011

Years Active: 2016-2021

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Bryce Stanaway

Owner: B Stanaway and C Barlow

Breeder: B T Corbett

Country: New Zealand

Record: 0-9-5 from 123 runs

Meine Attrice:

Foaled: 22nd April 2003

Years Active: 2005-2012

Colour: Grey

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Toru Miya

Owner: Thoroughbred Club Ruffian Co. Ltd

Breeder: Fujimoto Bokujo

Country: Japan

Record: 0-2-6 from 192 runs

Vote For Lust:

Foaled: 30th November 2002

Years Active: 2005-2012

Colour: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Trainer: John Castleman

Owner: Mrs J R Castleman & J G Fumberger

Breeder: N/A

Country: Australia

Record: 0-5-5 from 90 runs

Hakuho Queen:

Foaled: 28th May 1984

Years Active: 1986-1992

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Trainer: N/A

Owner: Momoi Masao

Breeder: Heikichi Haryu

Country: Japan

Record: 0-8-13 from 161 runs

Kammuri Holder:

Foaled: 1st May 2001

Years Active: 2003-2010

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Takashi Kuroda

Owner: Noborai Sadan

Breeder: Takahiro Komatsu

Country: Japan

Record: 0-6-11 from 179 runs

Osan Tsuyoshi:

Foaled: 12th March 2001

Years Active: 2003-2010

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Tetsu Inoue

Owner: N/A

Breeder: Onishi Bokujo

Country: Japan

Record: 0-2-5 from 164 runs

Dance Saber:

Foaled: 20th April 2011

Years Active: 2013-2021

Colour: Bay

Sex: Mare

Trainer: Tsunenobu Taniguchi

Owner: Koji Sado

Breeder: Hideaki Nagahama

Country: Japan

Record: 0-3-10 from 229 runs

Speed Over:

Foaled: 8th April 2008

Years Active: 2010-2015

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Horse

Trainer: Hideyuki Sakai

Owner: N/A

Breeder: Niikappu Hashimoto Bokujo

Country: Japan

Record: 0-3-7 from 189 runs

Well, that concludes my list. Several came close, but none gained that elusive win. They’re not the first, and I’m sure they won’t be the last, so which horses currently in training are in danger of joining this elite list? Let me know in the comments below!

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